Did you google today? Did you sell Today?

I have been selling for last 15 years. Selling almost everything under the sun. I have seen the ups and the downs the right decisions and the smart decisions. Seen google. Seen the “magic” of google. And people running for it.

One thing that I have realized, Google is god. You go to the god’s house meet the people who have direct connections with the “God” over a hotline, and believe that “god is great” and will listen to your prayers if you are clean and have money to spend. All that you need to do is “practice” , like any religion. Instead of the Bible or the Tripitaka or the Bhagwat Geeta or any other holy guidance , you are given the most powerful chant “adwords”.

Adwords, nearly covers everything in our life, starting from looking for the best jobs, restaurants, daily needs, men/women ( whatever your interests are) , investments, doctors , insurance, medicines and I guess the nearest graveyard to conclude.

We are being taught with expert analysis how to be on the top when some one is looking for your products /services. We are being told “it takes time” for the algorithm to work and put our stores at the top of the google search page.

What I have learnt over a handsome period of time is for a product that I have very scientifically designed and costs only 9 bucks, I am in competition with the world, specially people with profound knowledge in black marketing, decisive billing engineering, duplicate /bogus  over priced products and 100% pure con artists. It doesn’t mater what is the size of the business  but it invariably falls under one of the above.

The reasons are quite simple. Imagine yourself as a street vendor, who buys/manufactures a cheap product and decorates the shop and keeps shouting on the loudspeaker that its a sale! 50% off ! guaranteed results! and hope that everyone steps into your shop makes a purchase. But you are a high roller! you have agreed to pay the ” local guys” first to be able to put your store in that street, and then pay for every potential customer who steps into your shop irrespective of the purchase.

The expectation level is somewhat like every 32nd  customers who steps into your shop is a buyer! But, you must ensure that you have a great store! ( spend money) , You have great displays, preferably naked women ( spend money) ,  You have easier ways to charge the customers ( spend money), and off course your perfect sales pitch! this one is a taker! whats a content of a website? is it what we want people to believe? or is it what they want to believe? or is like I am just another product you may want to try ?  Or an amazing product that people can afford to buy and be happy with the results since you have worked hard on the designing??

People don’t have endless money like “God”. They cant keep buying products , hoping they would work. 90% of the products sold using the “adwords” don’t work because they need to share a huge amount of money ( may be 90% of the share) with the god in selective cases.

I somehow feel differently.  I am a sales man . I sell. I don’t need a holy book to make sales. And I don’t believe making the the rich , richer. And herewith is my report card without the above influence. This was just the first day. Will share progress keep coming back! and if you like my thoughts leave a comment.Untitled



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